Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Report #13 2012, October 24th

Two posts in one night, I felt like this deserved a separate post.

I decided to go out for a while (In the middle of the night), I mostly would go between the alleyways, no forests there.

That's when I saw it, no, not the pale fuck, not the proxies, not anything supernatural. Just two fucks trying to rape a woman, usually I'd ignore it, not of fear, I wouldn't care, I couldn't care, I couldn't get my head off the game. But at that time, something went...differently, I still felt nothing, I did not care for the woman, I felt no pity for her, nothing. But I still decided, that's right I decided to walk over there, I wasn't doing it on instinct, I wasn't hypnotized, I knew what I was doing and I knew what I was going to do.

They saw me walking over, I had all my weapons with me (A gun and a nightstick), but I didn't get them out, one of them started cursing at me, yelling something, I didn't hear I blocked him out. I was just walking towards them, both of them got out their butterfly knives, didn't even pierce, I was still walking. When I was in reach, one of them attempted a swing with he's right arm (Always the right arm), I reacted, putting my left arm in the way, I didn't block the swing, I simply redirected it to go a lot more to the right of my face and above my shoulder, with my right arm I punched him in the gut, it was an open area, since he's right arm was busy, from there on he fell to he's knees from the pain in he's gut, I was still holding he's right arm (No knife, it fell), he looked up at me, 19 years old, maybe older, a punk. I felt no anger at that time, no remorse, absolutely nothing. I broke he's right arm by harshly pushing it's elbow against my knee, the scream, he screamed in pain, but I was not done, afterwards I kneed him in the chest, real hard, I could actually hear ribs break, he fell to the ground breathing really fast, eventually he suffocated.

The second one wasn't going to take any chances, he took the woman as hostage and pushed a knife to her neck, gradually backing away, by then he understood what I was capable of. I did nothing, I only concentrated my cold glare on he's eyes, I saw it, he thought I would react to him taking the woman captive, he started saying stuff like "I will kill her man!" my only response was, "You kill her, you inevitably die, you let her go, I might spare you" next five minutes was a stare down, he was sweating bullets, I didn't even break a sweat. Eventually he gave up, let her go, told me to call the cops, that he gives up, I told the woman to run, which she did. I picked up the other guys butterfly knife, walked up to the young punk, he didn't expect it, a straight stab to the heart, not the head, not the body, not the shoulder, no torture, just the heart, instant death, instant punishment.

The woman came back, to thank me, and she saw two dead bodies near me, she was shocked, not of the dead bodies, of my glare, I could feel it, she felt completely nothing from my glare, no guilt, no anger, no emotion, absolutely nothing. I was about to leave when she asked me "How do you sleep at night?", a simple reply came to her with my steady, cold voice "I don't", from there on we parted ways.

What is shocking tough, they weren't even proxies, just some punks who were praying on the lives of innocent, not to say it pissed me off, that's the problem, I felt nothing, I just knew what I had to do, and I repeat I KNEW what I was doing, I was doing it intentionally. I didn't feel like judge and jury, I felt like a janitor, cleaning everything after the failed society.

I think I'm insane, I think I was insane even before this Thing started following me, maybe that's the reason why it's following me? I intrigue it? Whatever I don't care.

Why did I write it here, I need to stay awake, I'm back in my Van, again falling asleep, not going to give in.

Report #13 Ended.

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