Monday, October 29, 2012

Report #19 2012, October 29th

So nothing had happened during my stay in the apartment, nothing interesting at least, I did have the feeling that someone was watching me, but I think that is a reflex, nothing else.

Today I'm going into the hideout of those proxies, I found it, looked at the surrounding area and can safely say it's a large ass abandoned building, and it had about 50 proxies in it, that is how much I could count and see.

For this I will need something more than a pistol, that is why I'm packing heat.

#1. Colt 45 Semi-Automatic

I always carry it with me, it's light, it's hard to notice and it gets the job done.

#2. Remington 870 Rugged and reliable, real handy.

This classic pump-action has a pistol grip and 14-inch barrel, someone is definitely getting some brain surgery done.

#3. Ballistic Knife

Never go anywhere without it, if only you would know how many times it saved my life.

#4. Nightstick

Always comes in handy, if I will need any information, I will require it.

#5. Audio Recorder

Haven't recorded anything in a while, it might get broken in the commotion, but if it survives, I will use it to record some information.

That is all I'm taking with me, in the mean time I have place traps all around my Van, I'm always prepared.

I will take my leave 10PM tonight, sounds stupid, but that's the point.

Report #19 Put on hold...

Report #19 Continued

Two more hours, two more hours before a possible death and I'm not even worried, if I die, I die, I would have died anyway, and if I would survive the whole being haunted by Mr. Faceless, I would probably kill myself in the end, seeing as I would never be able to go back to normal life.

Remembered Twitch today, have no idea why, he just came to my mind, the kid was young, had a person he cared about, he didn't kill anyone at all, he had a chance at normal life, yet he died. It doesn't make me sad, but it makes me wonder, what would happen if I would agree to go to he's relatives home.

Doesn't matter now, can't play the What If game now, keep my head on the price.

My plan is simple, cause a distraction, lure most of them outside, ambush those that get outside, finish off those that will remain inside, try to keep someone alive for information. Hope to God that I do not sustain any major injuries, or worse, die.

That's the gist of it, we'll see how it will work out.

Report #19 Put on hold...

Report #19 Ended.

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