Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Report #20 2012, October 30th

Came back about 5 hours ago, covered in blood, both mine and theirs, I could barely walk after that fiasco, yet somehow I found the will power to push myself back to my Van. After I got to my Van I passed out, stupid, almost lost all my blood from the wounds, good thing found the strength to wake up and cover up all wounds. I tell you, it was hard to do as fuck, with a left arm, but I managed.

The end results are, I got the required info, wasn't easy, I'll post the description of what happened tomorrow, I need some rest right now, everyone has been eliminated, but I tell you, it wasn't easy, it was hard as fuck, in short, there weren't only proxies in there, had to improvise.

Improvising always leads to harsh wounds, but I managed, need some time to rest, head is spinning, barely typing, hands are shaking.

Report #20 Ended.

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