Saturday, October 27, 2012

Report #16 2012, October 27th
Two Days

Two fucking days! How is that possible? I didn't black out at all, yet somehow two days have passed!

Alright, let me get my shit together.

On October 25th, I left to meet the woman that was following me, I went to her address, was I surprised when I found her house to be standing in an area surrounded by crap load of trees, smart thing would be to turn around and walk away, but doing smart things, doesn't get you anywhere.

So I walk up to the house, I can't really describe it, I mean the house was like a house, it wasn't anything different, yet somehow it felt like home, I don't know. So I walk up to the door, and it is unlocked, from there on I was on my highest senses, unlocked doors, first sign of bullshit. But I didn't encounter anyone, the inside of the house was real nice, I mean it was clean, taken care of, someone was definitely taking care of it.

Then I saw her, sitting on her couch, starring at the window, somehow she knew I was there, or she was talking to her self, anything can be possible. She asked me a question, did I come to take her away, she thought I was one of them, but I wasn't stupid, she could be asking that to trick me, I had to play along. I told her I wasn't one of them, I explained the operator symbol thing to her, she seemed to understand, her voice, it was as if, she could understand and forgive anything.

She told me to sit with her, told me she was scared, tired, of all of this, I was cautious, normally I wouldn't sit down, but first time, I had a feeling, feeling of remorse, her voice, it was so tiring, scared, innocent, even the coldest person on earth would melt, I kept getting the feeling of home, yet somehow I found that strange, I never had a home. I started wondering did I find peace, did I find my paradise, is this the end? In short I sat down.

We sat there for good couple of seconds in silence, the view from the window was calming, then she looked at me with her cold blue eyes, and said the following.

"I see you, I see inside of you, a tortured soul, a tired heart, a warrior spirit, selflessness"

I kept looking at her, my stare was as cold as ever, she said I had a soul, she said I was human, no one has ever said that to me, I wasn't stricken by it, more surprised, she was the first one to tell me that, yet I knew I had none of that, somehow she saw it.

"What is your goal, what make you to go around the world?"

I wanted to tell her that my goal was to eliminate it, yet somehow I could not, I don't know why, something held me back from telling her that, I think it was the realization that it would be pointless, since the goal itself is rather impossible.

From there on she had put her hand on my shoulder, I felt the coldness of her touch, her hands were cold, real cold.

"You have suffered for far too long"

From that point I remember that I had some questions, I started asking.

"Who are you? Why are you foll-"

She interrupted me, knowing what my questions would be she answered, the answer was unexpected.

"To aid you in your cause, I have followed you, to help you, to provide for you"

That's when my glare got off track, I couldn't let her be part of this, people around me tend to die, I had to keep her away, I tried to tell her not to follow me, but she interrupted me again.

"You are tired, weary of battle, your mission offers you no peace"

It was true, I could not deny it, I was getting tired of all that shit, I wanted peace, rest, get on an island and forget all of this ever happened. It's like she could read my mind.

"Stay, a moment, where it is peaceful, regain your strength, there is enough supplies, for you to relax"

It sounded too good, I thanked her, but I couldn't, I had other things to take care of, I had to get back on track, yet again she interrupted me.

"Is it not true, that even the Gods need rest, from time to time?"

I honestly didn't have an answer, I was rather confused.

"And you are not a God"

If I was I would eliminate IT, and there would be no trace of it. Then she asked me.

"Then why deny yourself? It serves no purpose"

She was right.

"Your mission will still be there for you, even after you rested"

That is when I had finally agreed, but I didn't want to eat, or drink, or even watch TV, I just wanted to lie down and stare at the view from the window, she allowed me to lay down on her knees, understanding me, that the view from the window was truly amazing, I had closed my eyes and started to imagine what would happen if things were different, I started feeling home, it felt like I was home, the image of a family with kids. Peaceful.

Yet for a moment, the image went all red for a moment. I opened my eyes, looking around, everything was the same as before I had closed them, so I closed them again thinking it was nothing.

The image continued, me and my family having a picnic at some sort of park, it was sunny.

But again for an instant the image changed to them lying on the ground bleeding.

That's when I pulled myself up, I had to go, yet her calm voice calmed me down.

"Stay, don't leave, not yet, rest"

I lied back down, yet this time I wasn't imagining anything I was just starring at the window.

Then I saw IT in the distance, that was the final straw, I jumped up, I had to go.

What happened next was unexpected, she pulled me down to the couch yelling at me that I will stay. At that time I realized, it was a set up, I walked right into, I jumped up from the couch, the woman was now standing in the middle of the corridor, the view from the window was not as beautiful, it was surrounded by burnt trees, looked around the house, it was all torn apart, the furniture lying around.

The Woman was just standing there smiling at me, that's when I had it, I ran at her, I wanted to rush her, I wanted to get her for some answers, yet the minute I jumped at her, I found myself flying out the door of the house, I got up looked around, the house was demolished, I had to get out of there, and I did.

What was most surprising, is that when I had gotten to my van, it was vandalized, a big operator symbol was drawn on the side of the van, windows had some cracks in them, someone tried to get in while I was away, they even popped one of my tires. I opened the Van and was relieved to find out that they weren't able to get in, I had to replace my tire and get out. That was exactly what I did, I tried to wash off the operator symbol, but it wouldn't wash off, so I had to improvise, I drew a red cross trough the operator symbol.

I got on on my blog today, and was surprised to find out, that I had spent two days in that house, during those two days they tried to get in my Van, either they tried to occupy me long enough in order to get inside my van, either they tried to kill me, and destroy all the traces of my existence.

Well now I'm back and my senses are as sharp as ever, and the next time I see that woman, I'm going to shoot to kill.

Report #16 Ended.

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