Sunday, October 28, 2012

Report #17 2012, October 28th
Ice Thickens

I have been driving around recently, from place to place, without a plan, mindlessly going around the country from town to town. Not going to say I have been inactive while driving around. But what I did during those trips, certainly didn't help me in no way.

Things that I have did during this day:

#1. Got some supplies, as always, whenever I arrive to a new place I get myself some supplies and move on (Money isn't a problem for me, Twitch took care of it, long time ago).

#2. I have been reading on other blogs, current progress of others, what info did they gain that might help me, still reading.

#3. Thought of a plan, a bit about that in a different report, I'm still working out the details.

#4. Found 4 bodies, by the lake, organs cut out and shoved back in, searched them, found some notebooks, looks like they have been runners, they have been writing down their movements, going to have to read trough that.

#5. Killed people, talking about it casually because it isn't a surprise to anyone anymore, among those people were not only proxies, but also some law breakers that I stumbled upon by accident.

So yeah that is practically what I have been doing all day, nothing special.

Report #17 Ended.

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