Friday, October 12, 2012

Report #5 2012, October 12th.
Long Drive.

Not much to report, been driving for a long time with Twitch, going to a different country, that's why haven't posted anything, been cut out from the internet. Once we stopped in a city, quickly accessed someone's database and boom instant internet.

Anyways continuing from where I left off.

After I was given a lift to the city, I immediately contacted my "Friends" and they gave me a safe place to spend a couple of weeks in, until the problem is resolved. The problem was never resolved, eventually those "Friends" kicked me out, saying I was spending too much time in their place, getting in their way, wasting their time. Here comes the trick question "Police, why not police!?" that would seem logical at that time, I didn't know what that thing was, so I thought it was a stalker, I could easily report him. But for some reasons (which I can not tell you, right now) I couldn't. So the second best option was to hunt for my "Stalker" myself, for that I stayed at my apartment, I set up traps like alarms, cameras and all that shit. Even fucking hid a baseball bat under my bed and a gun in my cupboard. Next two nights were silent, nothing, not even a wind blowing in my window. Third night, all hell went lose, all alarms in every place went off instantly, all doors, are windows, all alarms, instant take off. It's like there crap load of them invading my apartment, which was my first train of thought. So I grabbed my gun, hid behind the door of the room and stood there for like 30 minutes, no one. Another 15 minutes, to gather my wits, think of a plan, and only then get out of the room. I got out, checked every god damn corner, no one, not a soul and no sign of a break in, second train of thought was probably a malfunction or something, that's when I decided to check the cameras. On the cameras I could see shit unlocking itself, that's when shit got real, at least that's what I thought, the second I turned around I saw someone's shadow run trough my room, what was weird, is that cameras showed that there was no one inside the room, that's when I started to get slightly worried. I got stupid, I didn't think of anything, I simply ran inside the room waving my gun around, I saw no one, that's when I remembered, the door. After that I got instantly knocked out, next thing I remember I woke up in some dirty alley way, my things packed, my gun is gone, I was dressed in different clothing, it was morning by then. What I didn't realize, is since I have been knocked out, 2 days have passed, who knows for how long I was in that alley way. Next thing that surprised me, is that the alley way was not far from the building in which my apartment was located, I was about to go into my apartment, but a bunch of police cars stopped near my building, and they went inside my apartment, how do I know, I saw trough my window. But that was nothing compared to what happened next, I stuck around in that alleyway for a while, wondering what they were looking for, I was hiding in a dumpster, so they wouldn't see me. For a while it was quite, but then, the cops were carrying 3 body bags out of my apartment, kid sized. I was going out of my mind, did I do that? Did someone do it? If so why did they do it and get me out of the police's sight? Did they do it to frame me, did they do it to save me, who did it? Why? Lot's of questions been running trough my head, however I had no time, I had to get out of there and start looking for answers, my Van was parked near the alleyway, I had my keys with me, I drove out of there, since then I have been on a constant move.

That is it, for today.

Report #5 Ended.

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