Monday, October 22, 2012

Report #11 2012, October 22nd
The Flash Drive

So after I got some sleep, the first thing I did as I woke up was get something to eat (Duh!), then I checked what was on the flash drive Twitch had hidden from me.

Apparently all the info that is going to be written on this flash drive was meant to eventually fall into my hands, Twitch wrote so himself in a txt. file, it's not important so I won't waste time writing it here.

First thing I would like to get out of my way are those pictures that were sent to him by someone.

Picture #1:

I will try to depict it any way I can.

Obviously the guy with the question mark is me, hence my name Mr.Incognito.

The person that has a red cross on him, is Twitch, someone predicted he's death ahead, they either tried to warn him, or threaten him.

The guy in the hoodie with a white mask on, is obviously the proxy I killed yesterday, same white mask, blood coming out of the area where I shot him, tears coming out of he's eye holes, like last night, still don't care tough, but someone has predicted this, fucking mind games.

Now the 9/06 guy I don't know who he is, but he has a date on he's chest, yes that's a date, a date that is real personal to me, then that means that must be the guy who was sending all this info to Twitch.

Now obviously in the back we see, the pale, tall and ugly himself.

And the guys in the dark must be he's minions.

If you have other theories, you are welcome to discuss them.

Picture #2

I absolutely have no idea what this means, if you can think of anything, please do tell.

There is more information, but I have to change locations real soon, so this report is put on hold for now.

Report #11 Put on hold...

Report #11 Continued

Alright, new location, new supplies, even got some ammo for some guns (Don't ask me where), secured everything in the van, locks, windows, everything.

To continue the contents of the flash drive, except for the pictures apparently, someone's been sending Twitch these...what do you call them on English? Well these poetic lines or whatever, don't judge me I'm Russian, I don't know English completely.

Here they are:

Your life is futile
Can't you see?
So join a cult
And follow me
Sell your soul
Jump right in
Cloe your eyes
Embrace your sin
Feel it squeezing
Your body tight
Let it take over
You know you can't fight
Into your heart
Burning it cold
Now be a good zombie
And do what you're told.

As I can gather, this person was trying to provoke Twitch to either join IT, or lure him out, to get torn apart by IT. This was sent on the day, when Twitch had wondered into the forest in the middle of the forest, it was sent right before, it had happened. Has no effects on me tough.

And finally, this was the final txt. file on the flash drive, but all it contained was this:


This was sent on the day when Twitch got killed, this person is not getting good vibes from me.

That is it, certainly weird, on a side note, I spent some time reading other blogs, not the old ones like Seeking the Truth or The Tutorial, I spent time reading recent ones, I found out a lot of new stuff, this thing has been busy. I'll post my thoughts tomorrow. Putting this report on hold, who knows what might happen during the night.
Report #11 Put on hold...

Report #11 Ended.

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