Sunday, October 21, 2012

Report #10 2012, October 21st
Forming a Plan.

Since Twitch is dead I have lost my database, that is bad. I am literally in a dead end right now, I have no plan. But today I remembered something, we were followed and shot at, by someone, who is in their right state of mind, as weird as that sounds, that is true, they used a gun, a very complicated gun non the less.

So my plan for now is to find who ever tried to assassinate me and Twitch, obviously they want something, I need to find them, but how? Well first off try and located a rooftop from which we've been shot at, try and look for something useful up there. I'm going to drive into that location tomorrow.

Going to be hard to fall asleep, knowing I'm all alone in this van, just in case I'm going to put this report on hold, who knows what can happen during the night.

Report #10 put on hold...

Report #10 Continued

There goes my plans for a good night sleep, he's right there, in the back window of my van, starring at me, I right back at him, not gonna get any sleep tonight.

Report #10 Put on hold...

Report #10 Continued


Me just sitting there, starring at the big fuck, out of fucking nowhere I get clubbed in the head, apparently while I was starring at it, one of he's lackeys, or proxies as people like to call them, got into my car from the front door, how did he do that? Well I presume he opened the window silently, apparently I didn't close it util the end, sloppy mistake on my part. But the mother fuck made a mistake as well, I for one took too many clubs to the head in my life, he didn't hit me hard enough and he hit me in the wrong area, he hit me over the head, when in reality you have to hit in the neck (Nervous system and shit). Apparently he tried to find something in my Van, a flash drive that Twitch had left (I didn't know of it's existence until the fuck started looking for it). What was surprising to see is that the big guy had left, I didn't care, I grabbed my gun and pointed to the little punks head, that's when he started pissing he's pants. Started begging me to forgive him, told me he was new to this whole thing, he started spewing some bullshit saying that IT promised him salvation, you may judge me harshly for my next move, but I shot him, point blank, no emotions at all, he was one of them, he wasn't hypnotized, he was in he's right state of mind, and he was helping IT, helping IT kill innocent people, he was guilty, punishment was supposed to be made. This is war, no one gets spared in a war. If I would let him go, he would try to take me out later, or endanger someone else, maybe Twitch's relatives, since there's info about them on that flash drive, I couldn't allow that. I'm no judge and jury, but someone has to be the janitor, I guess I'm that janitor.

Threw he's body out in the nearby forest, wiped the blood off and drove off, in a different location right now. As I was driving away I could see dark tentacles reaching out from the debts of the forest, dragging the body deeper into the forest, didn't pay much attention to that.

I'll post the contents of the flash drive that do not say anything about Twitch's relatives, apparently Twitch has been hiding some info from me. For now I gotta rest.

Report #10 Ended.


  1. Big man himself just gave me word to give you some advice against one of his enemies.

    If you ever start hearing lullaby's during the winter...

    ...get somewhere warm, fast...

    1. While I do appreciate the concern, if we ever meet, you will meet the same demise your other proxy friend had met tonight, but the advice was noted.