Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Report #12 2012, October 23d

So I spent some time this morning reading trough other blogs, the ones that are still active that is, and found out a lot of interesting things which I have never encountered before.

I'm going to break them up under numbers so it wouldn't be confusing.

#1. Fears:
Apparently those creatures appear from the same dimension that Thing came from, however these creatures appear only based on your fear. (More research to be done)

I'd like to say that the reason behind none of these creatures appearing near me was because I'm brave, but in reality I'm not, I just don't feel anything anymore, no fear, no bravery, nothing, I'm just a cold weapon, all I am.

#2. Intelligent Proxies:
Those guys are different from regular proxies, regular proxies are hypnotized, driven to insanity, in other words, stupid.While the intelligent ones think, and are fully aware that they are serving IT, not only that, they can be different people, from inexperienced in combat teenagers, to full grown athletes, problem is, you can never tell the other from another. Had a recent encounter with two of them, one of them tried to steal the flash drive (You know how that ended for him), the other encounter was online, "JP" commented on my blog, I checked he's blog and understood that he was a proxy too, have no idea if he is targeting me, or was simply passing by, don't care.

I kill this kind of Proxy with no remorse, accuse me, judge me, I don't care, those people are committing crimes in a sane state of mind, they know what they are doing, such people will not go unpunished.

#3. Watchers:
Different kind of people, you never know if they are working for the tall, pale and ugly, either are running from him, but they always seem to know a lot about you and your connections with IT, most of times they appear at the least expected time and tell you some tip, or a scary tale, and disappear. Sometimes they just watch.

I think that is the person who was shooting at me and Twitch back a couple of report's.

#4. Redlight:
Only heard him appear in the comment sections of the blogs which I follow (Now), some say he's a tuff cookie, tough I haven't found any info about him separately, going to have to read a blog from which he originated.

#5. Lullaby Song:
This one was given as a tip to me, by "JP". I don't know what it is, but we'll see.

Now to the basics, new location, more supplies, real quiet, feel good.

Forged a plan too, after deleting crap load of info from the flash drive about Twitche's relatives (He kept a diary sort of thing, I didn't find anything of interest in there), I had to forge a plan, because being without a plan totally sucks.

So I tried to find any hunches, and I did. The day when me and Twitch were shot at, that's where I have to go, to be more precise, back to the location where the shooter was shooting from, of course that means I'm going to have to locate it, but it won't be too hard, it was a small town after all. I will be looking for anything, piece of hair, bullets, gun itself, any traces of blood (Who knows), anything that might help me find the person who was shooting at us. I will mostly concentrate on bullets, since they can provide some information about when was the gun bought, where from, by who, so on, so forth.

So precisely at 16:00 I'm going to be done preparing and am going to be on the road again.

Report #12 Put on hold...

Report #12 Continued.

Stopped at the local hotel, no not in the hotel, near it to be precise, spending time in my Van as always. It's night right now, tomorrow, when there will be more light, I'm going to go scout out the area and try to figure out, what was the best place from which to shoot at me and Twitch. Hope I don't get killed in my sleep (That is if I get any) by a rifle, but I shouldn't, I put bullet proof glass in my Van for a reason. So right now, preparing for the night, flash light near me, gun under my pillow, nightstick in my hand. If what, I'm ready for a starring contest, if that Thing wants it.

Report #12 Put on hold...

Report #12 Continued.

Been trying to stay awake, been reading trough some blogs that are still active, searching for info. But this is weird, you know that feeling when you are really fucking tired, and nothing and I mean nothing can keep you away from falling asleep? That's what I'm experiencing right now, what is weird is that I drank crap load of coffee before going to sleep, took some cold water to the face, fuck it, even put ice cubes in the back of my shirt. And still I am gradually falling asleep, I'm trying to distract myself, by typing this, also I hear a voice, a woman's voice, so gentle, so quiet, doesn't remind me of anyone, just a stranger, she simply repeats one word "Sleep".

Two theories:
1. I'm getting more insane by the second.
2. A certain someone is playing mind games with me.

Report #12 Put on hold...

Report #12 Ended.

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