Saturday, October 20, 2012

Report #9 2012, October 20th
The whole story.

Sorry, I couldn't post two days ago, something came short I won't be seeing Twitch anymore. He was a good kid, oh well can't mourn he's death, might end up like him.

From here on now I'm going to write the whole story, all the details I could not reveal, starting from the day I entered Lithuania. Since Twitch is dead, no one will remind me of who I am, or what I was doing, if I ever get amnesia again. This is going to be a long report.

Lets start with the day I entered Lithuania, under what purpose did I do that. Well I'm a KGB agent, believe me, or not I don't care. USSR was about to build their own Power Plant, but after the events in Chernobyl, out of fear, they sold the Power Plant to Lithuania, one agent was dispatched to keep an eye on things, if any threat of explosion is shown, I was ordered to report it back to my officials and from there on they would burn all the files that the Power Plant was originally created by them, to avoid the blame. From there on I was sent to Lithuania, town of Visaginas where the Power Plant was built, I spent at least 5 years looking after that the Power Plant, the day when the fire began is the day when everything had started. I had to investigate what caused the fire and was it of any threat to the Power Plant, but I didn't go there only once, I went there several times, about ten days I spent digging trough the local police files, or fire fighter database, during all these times I would also visit the burnt area to investigate, see if I can find anything of interest. Suffice to say I didn't find anything. One day I would start by daily routine as always, dig trough some files and go to the burnt area, but that day was different, that day is when it all would start. I walked trough the burnt area ad then I saw it, standing in the distance, blending in with the burnt trees, I couldn't really see it, but I had the feeling of trouble whenever I would look at it, that feeling felt like it was as if a thousand of souls were tortured at the same time. I followed it, thinking it was just a person wandering around a crime scene (Just like me), the second I got there the person disappeared, which is weird since all this time while I was running towards the person, I never took my eyes off of him, and he never moved, but while I was running I blinked, so I thought he disappeared during that time, but that was impossible, later on I would find out that it was no person.

Time passed and I realized that it was following me, I would see it everywhere, I wasn't afraid, I was acting professional about it, I thought it must have been another agent from a different country, or something. Anyway, I had to get away, lay low, so I retreated to my summer house which I bought there for just such occasions. You know how well that went, after that I had to contact my "Friends" which were my officials, they gave me a safe house to live in outside of the town, while they would look for my stalker. Of course they didn't find anyone, so about after a week of searching they kicked me out and told me to keep doing my job and stop coming up with stories to slack off. So I decided to deal with my stalker myself, this is where I spent the night in my apartment with all the cameras and guns, you know how well that turned out as well. When the authorities found 3 dead bodies in my apartment, they immediately blamed it on my alliance name which I used for cover in Lithuania. My officials found out about it, they thought I was compromising the whole mission, in their understanding they thought I went insane, so they dispatched several agents to take me out, I was not stupid I knew that they would do exactly that after they would find out I killed three people. I had to get out of there, but before doing that I had to visit the burnt area again, to see if I can find any clues. That's when I found the big pipe and had another encounter with that thing, after that I fled the country and have been going around the world, trying to find a way to dispose of it up until this day.

As for Twitch, I met him when I helped him get away from that thing, It was following him too, I found out he was really good with computers and could hack and all that stuff, so he became my database. I won't tell he's story in detail, I don't want to keep the memory of him, it will get me distracted.

So that is my story, now you know.

On a side note, I listened to the audio, I'm going to keep it to myself for now, if I find it important I will upload it.

Report #9 Ended.

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