Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Report #14 2012, October 24th.

Just woke up, checked everything, everything's in place including myself, no sign of intrusion, good. Today I will go look for the area from which I was shot at, I will write an item list, of items that I'm taking with me, I'll write it later today.

My Van is parked next to a liquor store across the road, I look at the window, see all the bottles, I would pay any money for a drink right about now, I can easily go into the store and buy me some Jack Daniels, but I know I can't, can't afford to get careless, can't afford to loosen up my senses, reflexes, reaction time, I need it.

Funny actually, I had to drop smoking because of that Thing following me, I stopped doing anything that harms my senses, smoking, drinking and so on... That's one way to drop habits I guess.

Getting myself some tea, 3 spoons of sugar, hoping The Pale Fuck won't appear out of nowhere, requesting to have a tea party.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

Preparing to head out, in 16:00 PM will go, right now grabbing all items I can, I will list them here and the reason why I'm taking them:

#1. My Gun, a Colt 45 Semi-Automatic to be precise, classic design, one-shot stopping power.

The basic design of this beauty hasn't changed in nearly 100 years, the magazine carries only 8 rounds, but that's eight kills.

#2. Ballistic Knife, or as people like to call it in a simple way - The Shooting Knife.

Stole this one from a proxy with which I had an encounter, numb skull didn't know it was a shooting knife, in the end he ended with a real numb skull. This knife is self made, but not by that proxy, he must have stolen it,  the knife's blade is so sharp it can cut trough almost anything, spring is real hard, which is good, means it will shoot with crap load of power. Recoil's very hard tough, for starter's had to use both arms to aim it, in the end got used to it and can now freely use it with one arm.

#3. Nightstick, for purposes if I need to keep someone alive.

Stole this one from a police officer who tried to take me by surprise, don't worry I didn't kill him, all I did was bruise him a little, that's all. Though if I swing it with full strength, skulls will shatter.

#4. Mp3 Player (I'm ancient, I know), you possibly have figured this one out, if the MP3 starts bugging, that means the fuck, or he's proxies are near.

#5. Audio Recorder, I need to keep recording this, I don't use cameras for a reason, you know how well that turns out for people on YouTube.

That is it for now, now I need to prepare.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

Saw a woman today, was about the age of 21, was hard to tell. She was starring right at me across the road for a minute, her face was pale, real pale, white hair, and by "white", I mean completely white, white hoodie, the only thing that wasn't white were the jeans. The stare down we had, felt like an hour or so, her cold eyes met with mine, there was nothing but emotionless emptiness between us, someone walked past her and she disappeared, breaking up the cold stare down.

She's on my tail, but who is she? A proxy? Never mind, can't get my head off the game.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

Why do I see her? She keeps following me, but I never see her walk, she just appears wherever I look, but she is always out of reach, I caught a glimpse of her eyes again for a moment, they were tired, worn out.

I am targeted, but by who? Was she the one shooting at me? No, her face, she doesn't have a murderers glare, no it wasn't her, she's a third party, and she's following me. I think I might abort my mission in trying to find the shooter for now, I will try to locate this woman, questions must be answered.

I see her, I'm at a cafe right now, drinking coffee, she's outside, in the alley way, opposite street, I will not follow her, the second I approach her, she disappears, I need to study her from a distance.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

I just wrote an operator symbol on my hand, and showed her it trough the window, was wondering how she would react, she was frightened to say the least, she ran away real fast, was she a runner? Fuck I gotta follow her!

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

I lost her, I chased her for a good hour, she has a lot energy, but she is younger than me. When I looked around I understood that I had no idea where I was, I couldn't use, or ask anyone for directions, simply because I had nothing to ask. So I wandered around the town for a couple of hours, no encounters with nothing, eventually I found my Van.

So yeah I just came back from a wild goose chase, is what I would have said if I didn't have any hunches, but I do. In the alley way where she was standing she left a note, she wants to meet me, she gave me an address, but I think she wrote that before I showed her the operator symbol, fuck, she thinks I'm a proxy now, I have to find her, she might know something. But I can't go right now, I'm tired I don't know why, I mean running for an hour is tiring, but I'm tired to the point that I think I will pass out right now and yet I find it hard to fall asleep, my brain is not thinking properly and if this turns out to be a trap, then I'm fucked. I will go tomorrow, when they won't expect me, I know it's a lousy plan, but it's all I have, leaving this alone is not an option, this woman knows something, I need some answers.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

I hear the gentle voice again, I can make out more words this time, the voice says "Rest, you are not a God", those are definitely mind games, which means whatever I do, I must stay awake.

On a side note, Mr. Pale face is nowhere in site, for two days it's been quiet, no feeling of someone watching me, no paranoia, no starring contests at night, no proxies, nothing. Seems like it would be a good time to rest, but no, never let your guard down, the fuck always comes back, he once left me alone for 3 whole years, 1 year I spent being paranoid, 2nd year I settled down and thought he actually left me alone, 3rd year I completely let my guard down, and then IT came out of nowhere, I barely got out. Since then I never let my guard down, it will never leave me alone unless I destroy it.

Most of you are laughing at that last statement, but to be honest, I'm going to be laughing last, why? Because I know I'm on a suicide run, and unlike other runners, I have a horrible advantage, I'm a weapon. IT has absolutely nothing on me, why am I so sure? The proof is that I have been surviving for ten years, I'm still alive. I have no relatives It can't threaten me, my parents died long time ago, I don't have any real friends, I never got married, never got children, I have no emotions for anyone, that is why it's a horrible advantage, the kind of advantage I do not wish upon anyone.

That is why I feel no remorse for when I kill proxies, I simply do my mission as the janitor, some of you might ask, what makes me any different from them, then? Well, they have something to lose. These things IT promises most of them, those promises crumble when they feel their last breath leaving their body, that is when they realize, all this time, they had no real purpose.

I'm a weapon on a mission, all I am, all I ever will be, once I get rid of IT, I will never have a normal life, I will never be able to return to being a father, a husband. I will live alone, I will die alone, that is how it will happen, how it will be, how I will like it, how I will enjoy it.

That is all for tonight, I think I will go for a walk, I don't care for how stupid it is, I need to take a walk to stay alive, this part of the post, was only to keep me awake. I ran out of things to say, so I'm going for a walk.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.

No sing of anyone, no proxies, IT's nowhere in sight, no snipers, no woman, no one, as if I am all alone in this world right now, makes you see the tragedy, doesn't it? I'm so concentrated on the mission, that if I don't see no sign of trouble, I feel that I'm surrounded by nothing. In the Van right now, I think I will go burn Twitche's stuff, clothing, wallet, false passports (Which I made in order to let us pass the countries). I wanted to do it properly, in some sort of symbolic area, just because I'm a weapon, doesn't mean I can't respect someone. But I need to stay awake, fire always keeps me awake, so yeah, be right back.

Report #14 Put on hold...

Report #14 Continued.


Apparently I was too fast saying that it was quiet, as I was burning Twitches stuff in the alleyway, enjoying the magic of fire, some fuck sneaked up on me (My mistake, let my guard down). He wasn't hesitating, he tackled me and started beating the ever lasting crap out of me, he was mostly aiming for my head, this one was not an amateur he knew exactly where to hit, I felt every fucking blow. With my lack of sleep I was slowly passing out, but I remember that I had a mission, adrenaline kicked in, I felt no pain during that time, I was able to push him off, but he didn't fall, instead he got up instantly, same for me, I had to get up, or else I was dead.

He ran at me with another attack, he was not hesitating, he knew I was vulnerable, what he didn't see coming  was me falling just as he was about to strike a blow, I played possum, he thought I fell unconscious, as I said he was no amateur, he got a steel pipe that was lying around near the dumpsters, and started walking over to me, about to make sure I was dead for good.

What he didn't notice, was that I was lying near the fire, once he got close, I grabbed one of Twitche's jackets that were on fire, of course it burned like a bitch, but whining was not an option. He didn't expect it, I threw the flaming jacket at him, he got distracted for a second, that allowed me to trip him, as he fell smashing he's face into the concrete ground, he felt that, I grabbed him by the collar and shoved he's head into the fire, apparently he had really long hair, they caught on fire real fast, he's plastic mask melted on he's face, he was yelling, and struggling like crazy, I could barely hold him. Luckily the pipe was near me I grabbed it and started hitting him on the head, eventually he stopped struggling and the screams had stopped. I pulled he's head out of the fire, it was mutilated, he didn't seem to be breathing, so I threw him in the dumpster and left for my Van.

As I was walking I was leaving a large blood trail, my face was bleeding like crazy, my head was burning, when I reached the Van, I almost collapsed to the ground, but I had to take care of my wounds, or else I would get an infection, or worse.

My face is burning right now, I sewn up all my wounds, my fucking face is burning right now. On the plus side, I hear no voices, I can fall asleep, finally.

Report #14 Ended.

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