Saturday, October 13, 2012

Report #6 2012, October 13th.

Just got up, got myself some coffee in the coffee shop near our Van, Twitch still pissed at me, talks to me only when I need information and quite honestly, I like it that way. No encounters so far, but hey, the day is only starting.

Report #6 put on hold...

Report #6 Continued.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today, was kind of quiet to be honest.

To continue from where I left off.

So I was on the run now, I had no idea where to drive, my "Friends" wouldn't help me, to be honest, they would rather try and give me away to the authority. I had to start my own investigation, that meant returning to where I started, that's right, the forest that burnt. When I came back there, everything was the same, burned up trees, crap load of dirt everywhere, everything in it's place, except for one thing, a pipe. Back when I was starting my investigation, I walked trough the whole burnt up area, and no pipe, fuck it, no material except for dirt and burnt up trees was nowhere in site. Yet now when I came back, there's this pipe and it's bent over like hell. Here's the picture.

Evidence #1:
Area: Burnt Forest
Main Evidence: The Pipe

There are few interesting factors about the pipe, no signs of burns, so that means that it wasn't in the middle of the fire, the way it's bent over, as if someone or something smashed into it, or someone against it. Those facts prove that someone dumped it there, but for what purposes, just to get rid of it? Too many questions with this pipe.

When I was leaving the pipe after investigating it, I was walking trough the dirt that surrounds it, I was looking at the photo of the pipe, thinking, and with a lucky glimpse, I caught it, in the reflection of the mud, I didn't really see it's "face" but I saw burnt trees bending and shifting behind me in the reflection, I didn't even turn around I just ran. Got to my Van and drove away, it was clear to me, either I was going insane, either there was some super natural shit going around. At that moment I didn't know where I was driving, I was just driving.

Shit, Twitch just left the van, still pissed at me, have to check on him.

Report #6 put on hold...

Report #6 2012, October 14th Continued.

Fucking hell, ruff night, real fucking ruff. In short we were shot at, me and Twitch that is. When Twitch got out, he was just going for a walk, still pissed at me for not letting him go to her, we had to talk, I explained that if he wouldn't stop that bullshit now, I would cut him lose and let him do whatever he wanted. It was hard for him, but he understood, as we were returning to our Van, someone opened fire on us, we had to run towards the forest to take cover, we couldn't hide behind the Van, too dangerous. Apparently there was a third party, seeing as people that were hypnotized by it, never used guns. And this Third Party wanted us out of the way apparently, luckily the shooter sucked, there were at least 3 times he could easily hit us, either he was really that bad, either he was trying to scare us into the forest, we ran so deep that when we understood that the shots stopped, we were lost. Middle of night, no idea where we are and where to go, can't see shit. Had to use Mobile Phones to light our way, really fucking frustrating seeing as they stop glowing after like 2 minutes. We formed a back to back formation and started walking, eyes in front, eyes on the back. This is Rule #2 on survival against that thing, it ain't doing shit when you are starring at it, tough this is a risky rule as it can deceive you easily. We spent a whole fucking night wandering around that fucking forest, several times Twitch kept seeing shit, I didn't see anything. Twitch kept telling me what he saw, I constantly reminded him, that it was all a lie. In the end we got out, Twitch was ruffed up, I told him to get some rest in the back of the Van, for some odd reason nothing inside the Van was stolen, not even a scratch, I didn't pay attention to it, I just drove away. Now I was sure that someone was following us, and not with the intention of killing us.

We are located in a different Town now, heavily populated, not a forest in sight, I love this Town.

Report #6 Ended.

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