Sunday, October 28, 2012

Report #18 2012, October 28th
The Notepad

Just came back, was busy looking for a hotel room in the very middle of the whole city, I hear the sounds of the city, traffic, drunk people singing, neighbors either cursing at each other, or having sex. By God I enjoy it, I'm surrounded by life.

Alright, I have quickly red trough the notepad, apparently these people were not runners, they were hunters, that's what they called themselves, they were hunting proxies, the final body count they had made was 122, I don't mean to boast, but I have more.

Those people were not stupid, they were smart, they kept going about their business in a stupid way, they did some unpredictable shit and it worked in their favor crap load of times, but their life story isn't all that interesting to me.

The main piece of information for me was their last entry. It told me where they were going, apparently they had found some sort of massive proxy hideout in the middle of the forest, near the lake, where I had found their bodies, they were going to ambush it, this is where the entry stops. There was no plan of how they would ambush it, no description of what they had with themselves, all I knew was the precise location of the place.

You probably have guessed my next move? That's right, I'm going in, I don't have any information to go on, I'm practically running around in a circle, I need to visit this hideout and find something. Of course I will be packing heavily for this.

Also the reason why I need to stay in an apartment is simple, I'm not protected here, as you have figured by now, I won't be sleeping tonight.

Report #18 Ended.

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