Thursday, October 18, 2012

Report #8 2012 October 19th

Just woke up in my Van, have no recollection of what had happened to me, first signs of amnesia. Frightening part is that Twitch is not in the Van, I'm all alone here right now. I think I won't be seeing him no more, I'm starting the engine and driving away. Amnesia symptoms started for a reason, I started caring, got too all friendly with Twitch at some point, well not making that mistake again. Twitch is gone and he's gone for good. I'll move to a different location, read all of my previous reports and see if I can remember anything, also I have my recorder with me, there's something recorded on it, I'll give it a listen and if I see it fit, I'll upload it.

Today I'm willing to tell everything about me, amnesia is no joke, first time in so many years I had it, I can not afford to forget everything I had learned.

Report #8 Put on hold...

Report #8 Ended.

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